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Last updated 02/26/17

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Our current instructors: 90 motivated, talented, youth musicians who strive to make a difference with the music abilities they have are the core components that make Music for Kids the organization it is today. To all who have taught, are teaching, and will teach with MFK, we thanks your diligence and compassion for inspiring change in our community. From orchestral musicians to jazz improvisers, MFK instructors are not only dedicated music makers, they are the among the pillars that stand for the values of our society.

If you would like to thank your instructor or tell us your story, please drop us a line at our contact us page!

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*Please note, Hamilton, Toronto and Waterloo are undergoing extensive re-staffing and program auditing; these chapters will have pages soon.

“To whom may concern,

…This year Lucia Wang from Music For Kids Ottawa is her piano teacher. I would like to share some experiences with you. Lucia Wang taught her piano for a year. She is so kind and nice. Since my daughter special needs required, Lucia wang has spent a considerable amount of her energy and time to teach piano lessons step by step, enthusiastically and patiently. Her encouragement brings my daughter on more positive way. With all the progress, it also makes my daughter proud and increases her self esteem.

I strongly support Lucia Wang is an excellent teacher.”

Jennifer Ji - Mother of MFK special needs piano student 2013-2015


Just wanted to give some feedback about our experience so far. Alethia, my 6 year old daughter, is taking piano lessons with Grace Hendrickson-Jones. It's been a wonderful experience so far, Grace is a great instructor- patient, kind, and fun- Alethia really likes her. Alethia has accomplished a lot since her session begun, and though sometimes it gets tough and tears are spilt, she continues to be interested in learning the instrument. We're hoping to continue the lessons for as long as Grace is willing. Thank you for the amazing opportunity!”

Darine Salloukh - Mother of MFK flute student - 2014-2016


At Music for Kids, we’ve recognized outstanding instructors that go above and beyond their task to bring music into children’s lives every

year since 2012. Whether it is going that extra mile to help the student understand musical concepts in a creative perspective or just really

making music fun, we are proud to let these instructors know we value their effort and dedication through the Music for Kids Canada

Outstanding Instructor Award.

2012 Recipient - Robert Devaie

2013 Recipients - Kyle Gorman, Heather Mills, William Feng

2014 Recipients - Amy Jiang, Henry Wang

2015 Recipients - Tianna Huibers, Lucia Wang, Grace Hendrickson-Jones, Andrew Xing

2016 Recipients - Elina Ma, Victoria To

Since the expansion of Music for Kids Canada to multiple cities in 2014, we have had the chance to coordinate efforts to increase music

education accessibility in different parts of Ontario. Through the work of all our chapters in that year, we have managed to increase our

impact to a whole new level with even brighter years to come. Among all the dedicated executives in our chapters, there are usually keystone

members that we all know; they are the ones that through their own work, motivate us to make Music for Kids better. We have

chosen to recognize one executive every year since our 2014-2015 season for their truly inspirational contribution.

2015 Recipient - Daniel Chen, President, Ottawa Chapter

2016 Recipient - Amy Jiang, President, London Chapter