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Last updated 02/26/17

Music For kids For youth, by youth. Come check us out!

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Curious about the MFK standard program?

- Music for Kids is a collaborative effort involving local youth volunteers and the pupils themselves. We employ only  carefully screened youth musicians as instructors and have helped over 250 students since 2010.

- After your submission has been confirmed, we will match you with an instructor with whom you will collaborate lesson times and instruction location.

- You, your child, and the instructor will them meet up at the confirmed location for the 1st lesson (usually either the residence of the pupil or the instructor).

- Please note as of now, we are no longer offering the summer term for lessons in 2015

- Important!  To start the program, you must be dedicated to taking one semester with us which is 15 lessons. Please note that those with demonstrated financial need will have priority in the program. To ensure student participation, you have to provide a $100 deposit. If you terminate the semester before it is finished, your deposit will not be refunded as we wish all students to be dedicated to this opportunity. If withdrawal from MFK is desired at the end of a semester, your deposit will be promptly returned in full. In the event that this deposit is financially impossible, arrangements can be made to waive it by requesting via email. A supplementary application is usually required for waiving this fee.

How do lessons work?

- Lessons range from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your child's playing level and schedule.

- All lessons take place once a week (however special arrangements can be made with the instructor in the event that lessons need to be cancelled, rearranged, or added). During the lesson, you must stay with your child for safety reasons

- At any point, you may request and fill out a quality control form regarding you and your child's satisfaction with the instructor. In the event that the instructor is not up to your standards, please contact us immediately and we will get on to the situation as soon as possible.

Note: In order to maximize your child's success, your child should follow a practice schedule that he/she will receive from his/her instructor. If he/she is neglecting practice or fails to take this program seriously, your membership and registration could be revoked to make space for others.

Our management team is closely knit and we are dedicated to solving issues promptly and accurately. Your input as a parent or guardian to us is invaluable as the success in the music education of your child is our only goal.

Still Interested? Enroll your child here! Photo taken February 2016 - London