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Last updated 02/26/17

Music For kids For youth, by youth. Come check us out!

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Ever wanted to share the joy of music to others? Then most likely you will want to be part of Music for Kids Canada!

Our organization is from bottom to top run by dedicated members of community youth who believe the joy of making music is a right that everyone deserves, regardless of their financial status. Every single member from instructor to executive performs their duties on a purely voluntary bases with extensive teamwork and cooperation among the entire charity. It also never hurts to have fun while working with Music for Kids!

Our volunteers either work as instructors (musical experience mandatory) or executives (musical experience recommended).

The Benefits

In addition to helping the community, our volunteers receive the following benefits:

- government recognized volunteering accreditation and community service hours

- workshops with other musicians within the city

- free concert tickets

- networking with talented youth members of the music community

- leadership training through working with students and other instructors

If you are interested in learning more about joining our team of volunteers,  please head on over to our registration page and we hope to meet you soon! Photo taken June 2014 - Ottawa