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Last updated 02/26/17

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Charitable Registration Number



If you have any donations that you wish to give Music for Kids Canada, please send these items to the following address at our Ottawa headquarters:

Music for Kids Canada - Ottawa

953 Cirrus Way

Ottawa, Ontario, K1V R16

We kindly ask that if the item you are donating is a personal use item such as a brass mouthpiece or a wind instrument that you label clearly inside or outside the shipping package whether the item has been cleaned or not.

We are willing to reimburse any shipping fee that may have been expended through mail. If you wish to be reimbursed, we ask that ground economy be used for shipping instead of more expensive methods.

Also you may donate electronically if you wish! A tax receipt will be sent to you promptly.

Thank you for your generosity and your passion for music education!

How does Music for Kids Ottawa use money?

- Any sort of monetary resource MFK gathers from either concert revenues or private donations

go directly towards the purchase and rental of instruments, sheet music, repertoire, and instruments that go directly

to MFK’s pupils.

- None of MFK’s instructors or executive members receive any sort of monetary compensation from funds under the

name of the charity regardless of reason or circumstance.

- Leftover funds are given to the treasurer who keeps the funds secure until further need; the treasurer also generates

periodic financial reports for revenue and expenditures

- The $100 deposit given to MFK will not be used in any way or form and will be completely refunded to the student

upon withdrawl on the completion of a semester; in the event that withdrawl occurs during the semester for

non-emergency reasons, the deposit is put into MFK’s funds for the purchase of musical materials for pupils

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