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Last updated 02/26/17

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The Music for Kids Canada - Ottawa Musical Instrument Lending Library

We know how expensive instruments are, whether you purchase them or rent them. In our experience, students of

Music For Kids have usually struggled to obtain the instruments they need to learn. That’s why in our 2015-2016

season, we will be opening up our first Musical Instrument Lending Library in Ottawa, where students of the MFK

program and non-student children alike can lend instruments from us at no cost. We would like to thank the Kingston

charity Joe’s MILL (Musical Instrument Lending Library) for generously contributing many instruments to us to

make this project happen!

Our inventory currently consists of over 60 different musical instruments in the following varities:

- Keyboards (44 key, 61 key, 88 key)

- Violins

- Guitars (acoustic, bass, electric)

- Drum sets

- Flutes
- Clarinets
- Oboes
- Saxophones
- French horns

- Trumpets

- Trombones

We are currently in the process of setting up the library in an accessible location. Please check back later in the year

for updates as to how we are doing and when instruments will become available!

If you would like to support this project, please consider donating to us: every dollar counts!

On August 13th 2015, in our first collaboration with a major Kingston Ontario

based non-profit, Joe’s MILL (Musical Instrument Lending Library) has

provided us with over 50 musical instruments of all sorts to help us start the Music for Kids Ottawa Musical Instrument Lending Library! At this library, both our students and other musical children can lend Instruments from us, free of charge! The instrument library is scheduled to be Operational later in the year, check back frequently for updates!

For more about Joe’s MILL, click here for their site!

Photo taken on 8/13/15 at the Joe’s MILL storefront in the Tett Centre