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Music for Kids Canada City Chapters

Click here to learn more about the executive teams that have been selected for MFK’s new chapters!

Starting in Ottawa since 2010, many of MFK’s executives and instructors will all be graduating secondary school to pursue higher education in the coming 2014-2015 year. As a national charity and one that believes in the universality of music education, we have decided to take advantage of this situation by having our members establish new chapters of Music for Kids in a plethora of other cities where their post-secondary education institutions lie. Current cities with future planned chapters of MFK and existing MFK chapters are:

- Toronto

- London (Canada)

- Waterloo-Kitchener

- Kingston

- Hamilton

- Ottawa (existing headquarters)

However, we would like more chapters and more children throughout all of Canada to have access to learning an instrument no matter what financial obstacles exist so if you are interested in becoming a chapter president, please click here and use the comments box to tell us which city you are interested in establishing MFK in (even if you aren’t associated with us currently!) and we will consider possible next steps.

Although we do not have a strict criteria for what you need to qualify with us as a prospective chapter president, we would like the following from you during the consideration process:

- A copy of your curriculum vitae, showing considerable community and/or philanthropic involvement, preferably extensive musical involvements as well

- Evidence of leadership experience

- Proof of academic achievement (an average of 85%+ in the most recent term is usually required; if extenuating circumstances exist, please contact us)

All candidates are subject to interviews before a decision is made. Your interest in charitable music education efforts are commendable and we truly appreciate every application we receive.

If you are ready to submit your application, please attach the necessary files and send them to musicforkidsottawa@gmail.com